Friday, January 23, 2015

Slam Me

So in 2 weeks our local theater is having a poetry slam. My daughter was invited by her teacher to perform (which I hope she will) and I think I'm going to do it also.

It's been a long, long time since I've read poetry aloud and I hate reading in front of people but I really like the idea of trying to do a performance piece. I'm thinking about what I' like to write/what I'd like to say.

In other news, an old friend has written a book and is asking me how to get published and all the ins and outs of the business. *sigh*  How do you explain to someone that their chances of getting a New York publisher interested in a shot in the dark when blindfolded and deaf? There are so many people out there who deserve to be signed by NY houses and aren't.

I feel like an old curmudgeon with this. I want to say your chances of getting an agent are a million to one. Your chances of getting a publisher even smaller. And your chances of getting an audience...well... only apparently if it's Twilight fan fic.

But I get it. I had that same dream for most of my life and I'm still heartbroken that it'll never be realized.It's not that a person writes for fame. But you write and just wish it's good enough to stand with the writers you love.

It's heartbreaking when it isn't.

Other news: Carolyn's birthday is approaching. Feb 1. She's finally going to admit the red hair is Miss Clairol. I'm trying to arrange a male stripper for her birthday surprise but somehow all the exotic man dancers I've contacted hear Carolyn's name and slam down the phone on me. So what's that all about Carol? Huh?

And I just realized when writing that we can't slam down phones anymore with cell phones. So what does a writer do? She snapped her phone shut forcibly. She punched the end call button. She huffed and disconnected the call. Misses something, doesn't it?


  1. Ha! Do I hear a bit of hair envy here? Hmm? No Clairol for THIS Old Fart. :-D

    And oh, I wish I could hear your poetry slam. If you write your piece, please post it here. I am still upset that you didn't save all the literary magazines that published you back in the day. SO DON'T FUCK THIS UP, DARLIN'!!

  2. What Carolyn said. About the poetry thing, not the Clairol lol. Good luck to you and Miss Mollie if you go ahead and yes, please def share. Good luck with the friend too. Twilight fan-fic indeed :D