Friday, January 30, 2015

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Is that dark thing running down the middle of his body really supposed to be a shadow? He looks like he got up off an operating table just after they opened him up. I swear I see rough edges; he should be covered in blood!

I do NOT find this cover sexy!


  1. I have this book in print, and keep meaning to read it, but after my struggles with Lone Wolf, I'm giving it a wide berth.

    Of course, now I'm going to think "the walking dead" (and not the tv show either) every time I see the cover. Thanks, Carolyn.


  2. It's kinda creepy looking - waiting for an alien to pop out... It takes away from the title of the book or even the small print. to the point where without scrolling up I couldn't even tell you hte name. That's a bad thing, right?