Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What I've Been Reading

I’ve been on a small binge recently that can best be described as eclectic.
I started with Jill Shalvis and her Wilder Brother books:  Instant Attraction, Instant Gratification, Instant Temptation and Instant Chocolate for Lori. Enjoyable books with lots of sexual tension but not too much in your face sex so it was a nice change.
I like J.S.’s writing style. She’s fun and easy to read, there are modern references throughout her stories about Facebook, Twitter, Words With Friends…  And she took one of my least favorite tropes which is the girl in love with the hero forever and didn’t make me want to scream or tear my eyebrows off.
Kudos to you, Ms. Shalvis!
After that I read Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway. Now that was an interesting book. The hero is a drag performer who happens to be quite straight but also quite effeminate. The idea was brilliant and Ms. Cosway pulled off the theme of the book brilliantly.
The problem with the book was that there were many instances where the narrator addressed the reader directly (breaking the 4th wall) and it was clumsy and every time took me out of the story and pissed me off. But I’d recommend the book highly, it’s a delicate subject that’s handled astutely.
Currently I’m reading Miss Buncle’s Book by D.H. Stevenson. What a delight!
It’s completely charming, based in a small town where Miss Buncle is running out of money and writes a book about her town (loosely changing the identities of the characters) and she sets the town abuzz and on its collective ear.
It’s one of those charming, all British tales that makes you want to read it while sitting in a comfy chair by a fire. Loving it!
And after I finish, I believe there’s a new KA book awaiting. Oh, life is brilliant!

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  1. Gonna read Miss Buncle when I've finished my KA glom. I'm reading her fantasy series. The heroes and heroines all seem the same (altho the laydeez do have different hair colors) and yet still I read. Can't put the damn things down, I'm wearing out my Fire.

    Love Jill Shalvis too, will have to start her Lucky Harbor series. The Wilder brothers rocked. ♥