Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Carolyn bought the book based on the crazed fan-girl vapors everyone on the internet seems to have when this book is mentioned. Carolyn told me that she loved the hero (just like the rest of the reading population).

I'm maybe 40% through the book, am getting quite pissed and wondering what the hell the author will do next since we've already had the Russian mob, kidnapping, family sneak attacks and the greatest alpha-hole hero to strut across a page.

I can see why so many women adore Tack, the hero. He's a politically correct rape fantasy. He physically overpowers the heroine all the damned time and refuses to accept anything she says because he knows better. He infantalizes the heroine, disrespects all of her boundaries, tells her she loves his abuse and then she simpers and says deep down she really does.

She's just a girl who likes a man to walk into her home, treat it like it matters not, man handle her whennever he wants, refuse to hear her when she needs space, doesn't accept the word no but it's all okay because he'd never hurt her and he has cool tats.

I seem to be mssing something here. I do know that if that man showed up in my daughter's life, I'd be buying a shotgun and I'd use it.

I don't know if I'll even finish the book. Every time Tack forces Tyra into a submission hold so he can tell her how she feels or what she needs to do, I want to scream.

Seriously, anywhere near my daughter and I'll shoot you asshole.


  1. I haven't read this book yet, but it seems to be in the vein of the Twilight/50 Shades books, where women are weak and want to be told (and made) what to do.

    Not sure what that says about the women of today... if we're swinging back toward conservatism or if it's simply a form of escapism from today's pressures. Regardless, I still prefer books starring women with backbones, thank you very much.

  2. Don't hold back, tell us what you really feel.

    I want to agree with you on principle, but I know I've liked heroes who other readers consider absolutely rapetastic.

    Then again, I also know that sometimes I'll read a book again and realize that yes, indeed, this guy is an absolute asshole deserving to be shot.

    So I guess I do agree with you even more than I thought ^-^