Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Leave your email address in the comments and I'll send you for absolutely free, a Kindle copy of Yesterday's Headline:

It's my hot Hollywood romance, absolutely free because everyone should get a gift for Christmas.

Only good for the 24th - 26th.

Then we're back to hawking our books for money :-)


  1. No need for the freebie--I just want to with you and all your loved ones a very happy Christmas and leave my wishes for much better (in all ways and areas of life) in the New Year.

  2. I thought I had bought all your books, but I guess I missed this one. Merry Christmas to you too. :-)

    willaful at rattlebrain dot com

  3. Willaful: is that really your email addy? If so, I want to have a rattlebrain account. Hysterical.

    Ladies, best wishes to you and yours. Az, we so need a much more prosperous New Year. I hope the same for you.

  4. It really is (one of them) and quite apropos. ;-)