Friday, December 14, 2012

Motorcycle Man, 2

Okay, I have to swallow some of my words. Not all but some.

I finished the book and it was a compelling read. I had issues how Tack, the hero manhandled Tyra, the heroine and those issues weren't resolved. Some of Tack's moves were well explained later but during the first half of the book there was a lot of physical manhandling that stuck in my throat and wasn't ever acceptable.

But the story was a fascinating read. It was marvelously dirty in the best way possible. The sex was nasty, just as sex should be.

The dialogue (mostly Tyra's) was pretty *yawn* and the weirdness of having 3/4ths of the book in first person from Tyra's POV then switching to other POVs was whack (in a bad way).

Would I read K. Ashley again? Yes. Am I enthralled and wanting to immediately tear through her back list? No.

But I'd say that if you want a different kind of romance with a different kind of hero, this could really please you. But be prepared to have your teeth ache throughout for different things

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