Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Cruise Dilemma

There was an interesting post over at Smart Bitches about 50 Shades/Twilight and what the appeal is. The part that fascinated me was that nobody was talking really about the spanking/butt pugs as being the *wow* factor but rather the discussion centered around the experienced older man/innocent young girl paradigm.

And I read it and couldn't stop thinking about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

There have always been allegations that Katie Holmes auditioned for her job as Tom Cruise's wife. And apparently there's a Vanity Fair(?) article coming out exploring how the Church of Scientology was behind a great deal of it.

Somehow there was a fascinating similarity for me in the 50 Shades and T.C. stories.

Cruise fascinates me because he's unquestionably talented and charasmatic. But there's something very wrong with him. It seemed to manifest itself when he ended his marriage to Nicole Kidman and then it's hung around him since then. If someone were to suddenly show that T.C. has a sex dungeon in his house or that he sacrifices goats to the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard, I wouldn't be surprised.

Katie Holmes seems to have married Cruise, had a baby, escaped being near her husband as much as possible and once the contract was up, filed for divorce as quickly as possible while breathing a sigh of relief so loud that it was considered a storm warning in part of the country.

I think Tom Cruise is Christian Grey. (I say this having not read 50 Shades but believing that Tom Cruise is Christian Grey.)

I hope that one day somebody writes a tell-all book that really tells all. I'm fascinated, I can't help it. There's something wrong in that dynamic and like 50 it becomes intriguing and engaging and kind of dark and wrong. And I'm hooked.

I want more.


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  2. Yes, he does have a dungeon and it's several shades of teal and sparkles at night!


  3. Tom Cruise is so not Christian Grey.

  4. if he were, say 27 years old, he'd make a christian grey though. he's still such a heartthrob, although he's 50. he stays in shape, works out just like grey does, he has this intense stares that, phew... he can be mercurial, controlling (no doubt), mischievous. anybody there who looks exactly like tom cruise?

  5. No, Tom's in a league of his own :)

    As to the other Anon's comment about his not being Christian, I'm wondering if anyone is going to be satisfied with the person that ultimately gets picked.

    You only have to read the comments around the boards and on Pinterest etc, where everyone from Ryan Gosling to Chris Evans is 'perfect' and the 'only' choice.

    Does this mean that if their choice isn't given the role, they'll set out to say how rubbish it is, or it could have been better if ?? was cast etc?

    Quite frankly, I don't care. I've no interest in the books so I'm not going to spend 18bux to go and see a watered down version of it. Even with an R rating I'm sure there are somethings that will have to be edited or cleaned up.

    Not that I want to go and watch porn in a darkened room with hundreds of other people either...