Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Politics and Social Media

I have to be honest and say that FB is about all the social media I deal with. I have a Twitter account but really never use it any more. I do like Goodreads but only for the reviews. I belong to no groups and hardly remember to review books myself.

But I do spend time on Facebook. And I've been watching people get all bent out of shape about the politics and the people posting links to articles and videos and whatnot.

Today, a woman I "friend" on FB said she was going to unfriend anybody who posts political links. She apparently doesn't mind the pictures or jokes or George Takai reposts by the thousands. She doesn't mind the man-candy photos or the constant sales pitches by other authors.

She really minds the people who care enough about our country that they're investing their time and thoughts into the future of it. She minds that people are trying to choose a leader and a future for the US to guide us the next four years.

Funny cat videos are okay. But don't you dare mention any politics or thoughts you have about social programs, the future of Medicare or who'll have the power to influence the world we live in.

Good to have priorities.


  1. Yet another reason to give FB the arse.

    I don't use it, refuse to do so. It's caused so much crap and just within my family, I can't be fecked. But taht's neither here nor there.

    Oh, I tell a lie - for shame. I did create an account, a fake one, so that I could ultimately log in and use Pinterest (which I will squee about until the cows come home - right Lori :D ). Once I was on Pinterest, I de-activated FB. I can get all teh cat videos and hunky mens over there, and none of the crap that follows.

    And although the friend has a right to do what she does, it's not right, if you know what I mean. Just because someone doesn't do/feel/act/believe the same as you, is that any reason to drop them faster than a hot potato?

    What happened to the freedom to be what you want, live how you like etc. The person who wants to post the political links has the right to do so and it's good that they like to share that stuff and perhaps start up a conversation that doesn't revolve around which celebrity you would sleep with given half the chance, or how much you love/hate someone etc.

    As you say, good to have priorities...

  2. That woman has the right to choose her 'friends' that way--and you (and anyone else) have the right to think she's stupid.

    To each, his/her own (priorities, indeed)