Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meeting the Husband

I just got to squee...

Yesterday I met Frank Krentz, the husband of 30 years and true love of Jayne Ann Krentz. Yup, I did. And when I realized who his wife was I totally became a crazy fan girl and gushed over his wife's writing so hard you'd think my juglar was cut. Lots of gush.

Anyway, Mr. Krentz was a delight and told me that his wife works her ass off daily, she had so many books rejected before she got accepted that they could have filled a big dumpster with them and she's generous with her time in helping other writers.


I feel like I almost touched writing greatness.

And the best thing was being able to tell Mr. Krentz about how much respect the romance reading community has for his wife. And how much her books influenced me in wanting to write romance.

It was awesome.


  1. I was fortunate enough to hear Ms Krentz talk at RWA in DC--it was memorable, let me tell you.

    And there are many of her titles in my keepers shelves for a reason, indeed.

  2. So which of her books would you recommend I start with?

    I don't need a whole lot of sex and I read just about every genre, but it's got to have that HEA.

  3. My favorite of hers are actually the medievals she wrote as Amanda Quick--any of those would be good. They are fanciful, not nitty gritty, and both sweet and sensual.

    (If you check her page at fantastic fiction, any of the titles under Novels, from Seduction to Affair, pretty much.)

    Let me know how you like them, please?

  4. I decided on Mistress with the hope it'll be like some of Mary Balogh's books, but I have the page you linked bookmarked, so I'll be checking.

    Lori, if I like it, you lucked out, lol.

    Thank you, AL. There's nothing like finding a new-to-me author with a huge backlist. ;-)