Friday, May 21, 2010

A Question

What would you write if you could write about anything? Would you write stories that were poems, using words as characters? Would you bloody the page with mayhem or cloud it with confusion?

Are your untold stories romances? Are your whispered tales the fantastical from your childhood?

What would you write if your heart did the writing for you?


  1. I would love to be able to write a tale of romance and dragons and castles and bewitching and stuff...

    I would also love to be able to write a 'time' piece - as in based in the 50's-60's etc. A time that although it had it's fair share of dramas seems like a cake walk compared to life today.

    Yep, that's my hearts desire...


  2. I would write poetry. In all forms.

  3. Lea, I will lie on the couch and you can examine my brain for memories from the era you mentioned. I have a ton of them... beginning with 8th grade graduation in 1950.

    Lori, What can I say?? I am the PL of the UG. Want a subtle hint to get you started??? MJ

  4. Thanks MJ, I might just have to do that. Get the poodle skirt and bobby socks out...


  5. First I'll get a poodle cut and then spin the propeller on the front of my Studebaker. After that we can talkbusiness. MJ

  6. I guess you know I like words. My adjectives would be savaged in the real world. I like poetic metaphors, such as comparing an old house to an aging lion crouched on the top of its hill. Only saying it prettier. ;-)

    I like fantastical things - dragons and dinosaurs and complicated world building.

    I like the emotion of sechs rather than the physiology of it.

    I'm about to reread some Georgette Heyer. I saw where Magdalena suggested she wrote from omniscient POV and I think she's right. And yet I never felt disconnected from the stories she wrote.

    I cut my teeth on Heyer; maybe that's why I have problems getting into character's heads. :-)