Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrity Crushes by Lea, Part 2

Ok, I’m back :D Now where was I..?

The Footscray Football Team (aka Western Bulldogs). I love my guys, seriously. I’m not at the stalker stage but when in Melbourne I did go every week to see them play. But that’s allowed – without people like me, the grounds would be empty lol. Football is a religious thing for us Aussies, regardless of the code and the huge crowds that go each week attest to that. Once was a time a girl would only go to perv on the guys in their short shorts. We’re over that now (only because some wear baggier shorts with bike pants underneath lol) and actually go to support our team. Yep, this is a celebrity crush 30 years in the making. The fact that they’re cute too doesn’t hurt lol

No list (of mine, at least) would be complete without the addition of Sébastien Izambard. Le hottie from France is just too good to be true. I’m most certainly positive that he isn’t perfect but he exudes the image really well. Handsome, talented, lovable, funny, family orientated – what’s not to love! The fact he wooed and won the heart of an Aussie chick doesn’t hurt either. Like Hugh, he is very much for his family and doesn’t mind bringing them up in conversation even when it’s not relevant (hmm, maybe that’s a fault... lol). Yes, indeed, the sexiest member of IL Divo (sorry ladies – just know that I would take Carlos before the Urs lol) is just the whole shebang. And what I wouldn’t give to shebang... Sorry ;P

Picture this, if you will. Tall, blond, kissable lips, hard body wrapped in rubber... Now, it’s not what you think. Well, it is maybe, just not for this post. I am of course referring to the best Batman – Val Kilmer. When he had that mask on his lips were just so much more enticing, doncha think? Still, I had a thing for Val before he made that terrible movie (I loved him, the movie was shit). I first noticed him in a little movie called Top Secret. Even to this day it has to be my fave all time comedy. Val was great in it although the movie was hardly Oscar worthy. In a tux, singing, doing slapstick. Yep, the minute he sang ‘Spend the night’ I knew.

Ben Affleck’s besty Matty Damon is next. What’s not to love about the boy from next door? He’s cute, can be funny or serious, isn’t afraid to take the piss (have you seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Hilarious!) and is damn sexy when he’s fighting the bad dudes as Jason Bourne. He would have to be one of the people I’d invite to dinner and it would be more for his conversation than his looks, although, just between you and me, that would be my dessert lol

I first came across Damon Wayans when I watched a show called “In Living Color”, which also starred a young Jim Carrey. Almost immediately I thought Damon was gorgeous. I really enjoy all the Wayans’ boys but he’s my fave. Sexy... yum... hot... funny... sexy... oh, sorry I said that already. Well, it’s true and just sums it up really lol

Before I heard the rumours and saw articles (which broke my heart, let me tell you) I was in love with Derek Longmuir. Mind you, I was about 9-10 at the time and the Bay City Rollers were big here in Aus but still. All the other girls were in love with Woody, Lesley or Eric (who I personally always thought was a little creepy) but not me. I had a thing for Alan’s little brother. Even now some *cough cough* ... years later and I can’t help but smile and feel all girly when I see a clip for ‘All of me loves all of you’ on some countdown of songs from the 70’s. I didn’t even mind he had long hair (a pet hate for me). I wonder if tartan will ever make a come-back.

While we’re talking musicians I’ll briefly just add the following ‘passing phases’ over the years... Andy Gibb, Mike Nolan (Bucks Fizz), Ace Frehley, Michael Crawford, Ronan Keating... Each with their own little reasons but worthy of a mention.

Before I give you my current ‘crush’, here are some other honourable mentions from years gone by. Robert Redford, James Stewart, Mark Harmon, Billy Wirth, Ewan McGregor, Rob Lowe, Matt McConaughey, Michael Weatherly, Michael Pare. I could go on but I won’t. I don’t need to have you laugh at my choices even further lol

I started with a Tom and I’ll end with one. My current choice is Tom Welling. He plays Clark Kent on “Smallville”. I think that’s part of the appeal – I’ve always been a Superman girl (Batman sux) and have almost always had a crush on each of his ‘incarnations’ (the guy who played Superboy for tele dips out). I didn’t start out thinking Tom was anything special but then the more I watched the show the more I liked. Maybe it is the whole knowing he will one day be Superman thing, or that I imagine he is a lot like the character he plays, I don’t know. Still, with several seasons yet to catch up on, I’m gonna have fun pervi... umm, watching and trying to find out.

So, there you have it. A somewhat convoluted list of my crushes over the years. I’m sure I repeated myself quite a bit in the reasoning but sometimes it’s just too hard to be eloquent and to wax lyrical when you’re sitting at your desk drooling all over your keyboard. Or maybe that’s just me. Ciao for now.


  1. I have to add my 2 cents.

    I have a great weakness for handsome Asian men so the gentleman on Lost (Daniel Dae Kim)totally rocks my boat. Jackie Chan (I know, shameful...)

    I love crushing on celebrities sometimes because as a writer I can use them as a starting point for any character I write and also soemtimes just for my own reference (a mix between Dwayne Johnson and Pee Wee Herman...)

    I use ... too much I notice...

    Anyway, Keanu now and forever. The late Mr. Swayze always made my heart race. Mr. Dwayne Johnson and now the gent from Vampire Diaries who plays Damon (Ian Sommersomething).

    Anybody else want to confess?

  2. How come there's no pictures??

    (I have no confessions. Nope. No. Nuh uh.)

  3. Dwayne Johnson and Jackie Chan? Oh yes please... And I love Daniel Dae on Lost. After last night though... **sob**

    And Carolyn, I didn't think to add a pic. You want I should make a picture for you to post? I don't know that I can add it to the comments box though...

    And fess up Missy. You have the hots for Don Knotts, right?

    (yes, I am ducking and hiding...)

  4. Don Knotts had a big wanger.

  5. @ Lori: "Don Knotts had a big wanger."

    And you know this how???