Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving (Almost)

Today's the day before Thanksgiving and it's Mollie and my first holiday with family in um... about nine years. And she's thirteen years old.

We're going to my SIL's best friend's house but we're bring the bulk of the food (and the bulk of the people). Besides my bro, his wife, me and my kid we also have my nephew Kyle (26 y/o, funny and damned good looking). Then there's our hostess Cindy and her BF, and another friend of theirs and her grown daughter.

My SIL Myrna is a mini-Martha (Stewart, that is) and so this holiday is a big deal for her. She's brining two turkeys and we'll be chopping and slicing and julienning most of today.

I've been slowly adjusting to being the beta female of the house and letting Myrna be alpha. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't have a beta personality but there's no way that two alpha women can share a home. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's proving to be very hard.

But I'm really excited about the upcoming holidays. I'm thrilled beyond thrilled that we're going to have people to share this with. We have a second Thanksgiving planned for Friday so it can be family only, including Myrna's mother who has functioning dementia (she can't stop talking about the Catholic church and crazy shiz).

I told my brother he's become a half-assed Mormon with his sister-wives... he did it wrong by having a sister and a wife. **snort**

But we're all slowly adjusting. And this holiday season looks to be wonderful because we can finally celebrate with more people we love and make it more special.

And I started writing a fan fic. Something small and fun to start to enjoy the process more. Go me!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Refinding The Joy

So nanowrimo done did me in. Again. But it opened a door for me that I'm cautiously peering through and wondering about. I realized that I don't generally like writing anymore.

So I decided to quit. But that's the cautious part because I don't know what that means.

I do know that writing for publication is done right now. It doesn't mean forever but I think (I know) that I'm taking a year off from writing for publication. Maybe forever. I don't know.

Writing because I love to write... now that's another story.

I've always written. Well, at least, since 7th grade, age 13. So 43 years I've written. (Yup, not joking about this old fart stuff.) It used to be poetry, short stories. Then poetry only. Occasionally an attempt at a novel that died 70 pages in. Then fan fiction (love those Divo boys!). And then publication.

On my birthday I released a novella, Surviving America's Sweetheart which got reviewed at Dear Author. A good review and truly one of the best moments of my life. It was great and I saw my little story sell about 60 copies altogether and that was the end of that and I began to wonder if that was the best it got?

And I'm still wondering that.

Then today Carolyn and I had one of those conversations talking about an old story and we started to what if, our way of plotting something out. And we laughed and came up with crazy ideas and it was so much fun and so much of what we used to do.

I realized that having fun with writing got replaced with writing to please an audience. I used to write to please me and Carolyn.

So for the next year I'm writing to please me and Carolyn. After that.... we'll see.

The blog is staying right here and we both intend to keep talking about romance and other stuff. We might even start talking more about writing.

We'll see.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Imperfections of Age

I've been in a real reading slump. Nothing new is appealing to me. So I've been re-reading some oldies but goodies ... at least I thought they were.

It was the Born In trilogy by Nora Roberts.

Please do not mistake this for a review. This is me lamenting the fact that these books did not affect me as they did when I first read them.

This sucks.

I didn't like any of the heroines this time round. Born in Fire Maggy was a bitch,  Icy Brianna was a doormat and Shameful Shannon was almost deliberately obtuse. I did learn something about blowing glass (Maggie), but recipes were not included in the perfect house(not a)wife's book. And how convenient two of the sisters are talented enough artistically to have international showings (Shannon didn't have to suffer for her art at all; her brother-in-law set everything up.)

I loved two of the heroes, Rogan and especially Gray. Gray was a pure delight in book three and it wasn't even his book, lol.

I don't think I'm happy with Nora anymore; her characters (especially the females) are pattern cards for each other and the plots always sound too familiar. Her writing quirks now irritate me and yet, I still buy her. Because, hell, I might miss something!

Okay, maybe I should taper off slowly. I won't buy the mystical trilogies anymore, since they irritate me the most ... and yet I bought the third book of her latest (Blood Magick) and I don't even have the second one! I ended up skimming most of it. Didn't like that heroine either.  *sigh*

Oh, I'm so weak.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bill (the Swill) Cosby

Of course he did it. He has a long history of sexual abuse. He has a long history of cheating on his wife. He has an illegitimate daughter. Why is this suddenly coming as a surprise to people or something to fight about?

These stories have been around since the 80s. There's nothing new here folks. In fact, Cosby settled a claim  out of court with a victim. Why would he pay a woman he didn't rape? What's that? He wouldn't. Duh.

This isn't racism. This isn't false accusations. Nobody is trying to destroy his career. He already did that himself.

And the reason all these stories are coming out now is because the world is changed enough that women telling the truth don't end their careers or have to prove their innocence. In this world we live in, we accept that women rarely make false rape claims and no one with two brain cells to rub together would think there was some sort of positive cache in being a victim.

Yeah, right.

Because with all these women telling similar stories, women who aren't trying to do anything but tell their stories and support one another, there's always someone who will try and victimize the victim.

Way to go American men.

**  I want to add a comment about George Will saying being raped is a coveted status for women on college campuses. Some men out there might think he knows what he's talking about and I want to speak out as a sexual assault survivor.

Anyone who reads anything I write knows that my daughter is the light of my life. I love her with all my heart, I love her beyond how I've ever loved anyone. So I've asked myself if I could have a life without having been sexually assaulted and therefore possibly never becoming this child's mother, would I want that life?

Fuck yes.

George Will, you're a disgusting human being. I pray no one you ever love goes through the delight of a rape status change, you pathetic piece of shit.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some Random Shit

We have a gang of wild turkeys roaming the neighborhood. Have actually been woken up by them underneath my bedroom window, gobbling. And they walk down the road like they own it.

Other day I was driving and I saw them on the front lawn of a neighbor's house, all hanging out but one all puffed up with feathers open and on display.

Ah, romance.

My Kindle Fire died. Pain. Suffering. Heartache.

Actually, I blame the Millie Criswell books. They downloaded on my sweet Lucifer and then his fire went out.

I fucking hate you, Millie Criswell.

Other news: the DC Universe is alive and well on television and Mollie and I are loving it. Arrow, Flash and Gotham. And there's a Teen Titan live action in the works. Can you say squee?

And still on point with nano. Lea finished already (the bitch) but I plan on crossing that finish line. And my nephew, the graphic designer, is being put to work making a book cover. I expect some ripped bodices or I ain't using it.

Speaking of the nephew, he wanted me to read him a sex scene I wrote so I got out The Bodice Rippers and did. I believe he may be gay now...

His kisses transported her to the glorious days of her youth when she always felt free and excitable. Days she would ride her horse Jeremiah for hours on end, reveling in the feeling of her crotch rocking hard on the saddle. Nobody understood her obsession with that horse but the saddleboy was often seen sniffing the saddles so maybe he understood after all.

And don't forget...

"Please don't," Hermoine gasped looking at the hair that curled darkly on his chest, his shoulders, his upper arms and down to the knuckles of all his fingers including the extra one, "please don't kiss me until I can't speak, please don't manhandle my love mounds and then throw me on the bed ravaging me until I squeak with pleasure and climax for a full six minutes, my love tunnel tight and taut and moist against your raging manhood."

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Proof that arrogance and stupidity are not limited to romancelandia ...

Texas Suit

Millie Criswell

So yesterday I had a bunch of Harlequin books download on my Fire, five of them chick lit by Millie Criswell. (I vaguely remember pre-ordering them, all for $0.).

God, they're bad.

I like chick-lit and will put up with a lot but oh my gawd, these are bad. I mean, in the first page there's so much info-dump that you think, 'aha, I now know everything'. Except somehow she manages to info-dump on every single page.

Every conversation is an info-dump.

No actions are considered. They just happen with an info dump to explain them.

And the conversations!!  Okay, I'm a conversation snob. Characters need to sound the way people actually talk. Nobody talks the way these characters do. Which by the way, always contains more info-dumping.

Did I mention that everything she writes is an info-dump? Yeah? I didn't think so.

Ha! I'm going to delete them all off my sweet little Fire (named Lucifer) (cause I roll that way). And if I ever see another Millie Criswell book, I'll run the other way. I promise.

Otherwise I might get dumped on.