Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sales. Or Say What?

So we all hear about the self-pubbed or e-pubbed sensation who writes a book and it sells a million copies and then gets made into a movies and well, shit. You know the story.

That's not most of us.

I don't know the sales numbers for most authors but I'm willing to bet my experiences are closer to the norm that not. And let me tell you, I don't sell a lot. And by that I mean, if I sell more than 5 copies of anything in a month it's cause for celebration.

Imagine the surprise to see Letters From Greece selling this month. Not in the hundreds but about 15 copies so far. (Well, exactly 15 copies as of this moment.) I don't know why it's selling or how anyone knows about it but it's an awesome feeling to see the sales.

It isn't the money since the money isn't that much. But altogether this month about 25 of my titles have sold and that means 25 people are choosing to read what I wrote. 25 strangers choosing to give my words a try.

It's a rush.

We probably all fantasize about writing a 50 Shades but that's the fantasy. The reality is that even our own friends don't read us and I can tell you that my sister has never even bothered to buy a copy of anything I've written (my brother has and he even reads it, bless him).

Having people buy your books... it's amazing. I hope they like them. I really do.

They make me feel like my time writing is worth it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just sayin'

I don't want to overwhelm this blog with moving stuff so I'm going to keep a moving blog elsewhere.

Lori and Mollie

We had lunch today with Mollie's old 4th grade teacher. She's amazing. I loved being in their class because she has the class sing when they're doing class chores and she keeps them in a constant case of creating. It was Mollie's best year in school.

I'm about 2 boxes short of being completely packed. Go me!

Second book in the Hope series is coming along. Hard to write erotica but I'm slogging with it. I do ask Mollie for help. Just kidding.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Keeping Score

Moving sucks!

I was sitting on the couch this morning and feeling like I had a million things to do and no time to do it. (We move in a month.) So I made a calendar. Made a note of every single day and put down at least one thing to accomplish that day.

I had only about two weeks of entries. And some of those were pretty small.

Guess this is one time that moving isn't really sucking. The biggest obstacle is going to be getting all the boxes out and mailed. It's freaking expensive. And I'm choosing to bring more than I originally intended. My SIL Myrna and I have been talking and we're similar in our love of kitchen-ware so I'll be bringing everything I love. And I love a lot in my kitchen.

Finished Book One of my Hope series and its being Beta'd. Working on Book 2 now. It's Erotic Romance and I'm writing the first erotic scene (well, full out sex scene) and it's hard. But the story is so clear to me that I'm willing to suffer through the sex writing.

Not reading much. Nothing can hold my interest right now. Understandably.

Getting really good responses on my resume so I'm feeling upbeat about the Hawaiian job market.

And I just trashed the First Page over at Dear Author. My apologies author, but I've said before on this blog that Hollywood is just something I know something about. I hate when people write Hollywood based stories and they get it all wrong.

Do your research.

Don't piss off the menopausal bitches  ;-)

Anyone want a cat?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Covers

So you're trying to sell a book. You're self-publishing. Are you paying for a cover or doing it yourself? Do you know how awful it is when you're trying to sell a book whose cover looks bad?

I've been seeing this a lot on Facebook recently. Really bad covers for self pubbed titles. And I don't know what to do because I want to tell the author how completely rubbish the cover is. You want to sell? It has to look good.

No offense Ms Woods but your cover is crap.

Lea made me this cover.

Which book is going to get you to click first?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Moving Update

My life can be counted in boxes.

I'm having a dilemma of having things that don't mean the world to me but I like... posted on Craigslist but nobody is buying...  so either I give them away to Goodwill or something or I take them.

So they are items I don't exactly want to give away (like some Italian pottery) but I wasn't planning on taking.

So what do I do?