Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy All Valentines Candy is 50% Off Today Day

Say what you will, my priorities remain chocolatey.

My computer finally kicked the dust over a month ago (or about a month ago or long enough ago to explain my need for all that 50% off chocolate) so I've been mostly offline all this time. To say it's been hell is a crazy understatement. It's been like being cut off from so much. Even though I know I wasn't at all.

I've been reading. I read 2 Rainbow Rowell books (Eleanor and Park and Attachments) and loved them both. Read half of Firefly Lane and had to stop before I injured someone. Read Eloisa James' newest which was 75% of an awesome book and then the last 25% which was left over from a previous novel she never finished (at least that's what I assume since they were two different books). I read a short story by Vicky Lewis Thompson which I didn't enjoy, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress which has always been an old favorite but kind of annoyed me.

I've written bits and bobs but without a computer it's been almost impossible. Happily I couldn't take any more so yesterday I went to Dell and found a new laptop on sale. Ordered Word and am now waiting for it to come.

Miss everyone mucho. Be back soon.


  1. Oh you brave soul, I don't know how you survived--a whole month! I think I would have done someone harm...

    Glad to have you back (((Lori)))

  2. I hope this doesn't mean less phone calls *tapping foot hoping to look menacing*

    Hard to remember what we did before Word ...