Friday, August 14, 2015

My New Romance Novel

New from Bethaninny House
      Following in the tradition of inspirational romances
                           that inspire no one, no where

              LOVE AT BARKENWALD 
 by me, some random Jewess

Based on a true story that I made up, and lots of serious research (my brother told me Hitler liked dogs).

Adolph Hitler was a man who was tortured
by his country, his fellow men, and those
damned Jews (not to mention the gypsies,
Catholics and homosexuals). All he wanted
was to experience a true love, a giving love,
the kind of love that can only be found between
the pages of a bible or in the long, wet tongue 
of a German Shepherd. 

Despite murdering eleven million people (but
six million were Jews and nobody really cares 
since they're all Christ killers anyway)(and if God
wanted Jews to live, He would have made them
Christians like everyone here at Bethaninny
House) Adolph was alone. Until he saw the depth
of compassion in warm brown eyes and felt the 
soft fur of companionship. A beautiful dog named
Heidi who understood the conflicted heart and
true beauty of The Final Solution and loved
poor Adolph as he tried to exterminate those damned
Kikes from existence.

An excerpt:

"Heil Heidi, mein Shepherd girly. I have only killed three million of those damned Jews so far and feel inferior. I promised to rescue Germany from the large nosed, dark haired, good at money management and really scholarly non-believers in our Lord, Jesus Christ."


"Yes, that's right! I can mass murder them in unmarked graves and steal their possessions too."


"Yes Heidi, my good little Himmler, let us pray."

If you like this story, here at Bethaninny House we're also offering these other 'inspirational' romances:

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Yassar and Goldie, A True Love Story.


I shouldn't have to mention that this post is in response to Bethany Press and their awful Nazi romance. As a romance writer, I am appalled. As a romance reader, I am appalled. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I am appalled. And as a Jew, I am enraged and disgusted. 


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  1. I hear ya, girl.

    When you stop to put all the different pieces together, as others better than me have done, it seems amazing this book ever got published. But some folks push through, secure that their beliefs are the only beliefs and either can't see or don't care about the damage they do.

    So. When's the release date for this?? :-D.