Sunday, August 9, 2015

Killing Babies and Selling Their Organs

So according to my brother, the Conservative who believes Fox News speaks for him (and I love him anyway), Planned Parenthood aborts babies (not fetuses) and then crushes their little heads and sells their organs for profit.

I want to cry.

I worked in an abortion clinic. Yup, it's true. And we did very few second term abortions. Very very few. But those few we did, we asked the mother if she wanted to donate the fetal tissue to the university who was working on stem cell research. If the mother said yes then the fetus was collected and given to the university. If they said no then the fetus wasn't.

We got no money from it. It was research. We squished no fetal heads and never did anything as repulsive as what the Conservatives are claiming.

Does Planned Parenthood 'squish and sell' fetuses? No. They provide resources for women from contraceptive care to well woman checks and yes, abortions. Because a woman choosing not to have a child she can't emotionally or financially support should be and remain her choice. Not a politicians.

And if fetal tissue is being given or sold to researchers, I know that it's with permission of the woman whose tissue it is. Because that's how it's done.

But bless the Conservatives who want to take away women's rights to their bodies by creating this unfortunate stink about aborted fetuses for profits. Keep on bringing the fight. And watch Hilary win the presidency if you do.

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  1. (((Lori))) Thank you, and to all the men and women who are brave enough to work at Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics everywhere.

    So many people believe, unquestioningly, that what conservatives, and those awful, awful people who did the 'expose/undercover' videos tell them, that I am every day afraid that women in the future will have even less rights over their own bodies than they do now--let alone even more limited access to decent, humane health care.