Friday, April 10, 2015

This Space For Rent


So Carolyn and I started this blog because years ago when we first got published, we were told every author had to have a blog. And the bond that keeps our friendship strong is that we never suffer alone, we always drag the other kicking and screaming along with.

And we love this blog. We can wax poetic about books, we can talk about things that are on our mind, we can sometimes get as silly as heck and it's all okay. The only problem is that we wanted to do a lot more book "reviews" (we don't consider ourselves reviewers and so sometimes it more squee fests or ragey moments than actual reviews)...

Anyway, we wondered if there's anyone out there reading who would like to try their hand reviewing here? We get maybe 100 hits daily so we're not a huge blog but it would be nice if there's someone out there who wants to talk about books and would like to be an old fart.

Requirements: love books. Love the romance genre. Don't be afraid to dislike a book. And it doesn't have to be romance reviews.

If you're interested you can either leave a response here or email me at

Fingers crossed.


  1. I can't review worth a damn but I can try? Nah, kidding lol.

    And the only romance book I've read in aeons is ''The longest ride" by Nicholas Sparks. Finished it yesterday so I can go watch hte movie lol.

    I have almost finished (cough, about 2/3 done..) Clash of Kings, the 2nd Game of Thrones book, but I'm guessing that's not too romantical.

    Look forward to seeing who does review for yáll :D

  2. PS - Are all yáll still moving to a diff site or keeping tihs one? Let me know so I can follow there too, please :D

  3. Our blog header does say "and a few other things" (I wanted "and stuff" but got overruled ;-) ) We could live with books that are not romance, heck, I even read 'em! :-D Wouldn't have to be daily or even weekly. So email Lori if you're really interested.

    PS: Nicholas Sparks is NOT a romance writer. Actually I don't know what he is - an angst writer perhaps? ;-)