Friday, October 17, 2014

This Week in a Glance (A Ragey Glance)

Oh where to begin...

We're expecting a tropical storm to hit our little island. My daughter's school is closed so it can operate as a civil defense center. Mollie's happy about it. Oh well.

Otherwise we're prepared. We have bottled water, oil for lamps, food and charged Kindles. We're ready to go.


This is driving me crazy. Now admittedly, I'm living with a Republican right wingnut who parrots everything Fox News says with a certain maniacal glee, but this Ebola shit is driving me batshit.

How many people have died from Ebola in the US this year? One. How many people are infected currently? Two. Both nurses who cared for the Liberian man who died in Texas.

So where the fuck is this horrible outbreak us US citizens need to fear? Still have a better chance of dying from domestic violence or AIDs than Ebola.

Please media, leave your fear mongering at home where it belongs.

And those special ass-wipes who want to close the country to Africans and/or blame Obama for Ebola: you just keep telling yourself that you're not a racist. Cause honey, you're the only one who believes it.

John Grisham

Oh dear God.... did he really? Really?

So according to best selling author John Grisham the jails are full of white 60 year old men who are locked up because they got drunk one night and accidentally looked at child porn on the internet and that bad, bad FBI caught them.

That's akin to "it wasn't rape, I just fell into a naked brutalized woman who wanted it".

Do you know how much child porn I've seen on the internet? None. Have I looked at porn on the internet? Yes.

One can't stumble onto child porn because it's illegal. You got to go searching. And Mr. Grisham's friend who got arrested (oh yeah, it's personal) (and yeah,60 year old lawyer who might have been drinking) did in fact choose to go onto a website that specifically said it was 16 year old girls.

Not a stumble. That was jumping in with both feet.

There was more too. According to Grisham looking at 16 year old girls being sexually assaulted (yeah, they're 16 and it's assault no matter what any old, white guys say) isn't as bad as say looking at young boys. See, that would be a crime. But 16 year old girls in porn isn't a crime.

They probably knew early on they wanted this for a career. Maybe we should applaud their go-get-em. Or maybe Mr. Grisham should never sell another book again as long as he lives, the sucking waste of humanity that he is.

And on a personal front

I have a job interview in 4 hours and I'm hoping not to get caught in the beginning of the storm on the way home.

My living situation is thus: my daughter and I moved in with my brother and his wife because they invited us a long time ago and my life wasn't working the way I wanted it to and I thought being with family and being back on the island might be the right thing.

Being back on the island is good for my soul. Everything costs more, the salaries are lower and I haven't been able to find work yet. But I see the ocean every day and we live in horse and cattle country and there's a happiness I can't express. In that sense, I'm home.

But one of the reasons we were invited is that SIL's mother lives her and she's almost full dementia and she needs to be in a home. But if she goes into a home, they lose a money source. So it turns out they were looking at the bottom line when we were invited cause they wanted someone to help pay for their home.

So right now there's a crazy woman in the middle of the house who never shuts up while ranting about the catholic church, dead nuns, the fact that she has no heartbeat and my SIL has stolen her life.

My daughter pretty much hides in the bedroom a lot because she doesn't want to deal with crazy lady who will focus on her if she sits in the living room. I hide because I live with republican wingnuts.

Life is fucking weird. And don't buy John Grisham books.


  1. See, I knew I was forgetting something in my post today--asswipe middle age white loudmouths.

    And a pox on current living situation, gah!

  2. An eventful week. I am so disappointed in John Grisham. Wasn't buying his books anyway anymore, but loved some of his earlier ones.

    I don't know what's wrong with this country!

  3. John Grisham be like "Damned rape culture awareness and feminists demanding that people who look at kiddy porn be arrested! WHY CAN RICH WHITE GUYS NEVER CATCH A BREAK?!".

    I never liked John Grisham anyway. Now I have an excuse not to like him other than his books bored me so much that I would rather read a legal brief about agriculture.