Friday, October 3, 2014

Defense Fund

A defense fund has been set up to help finance DearAuthor and Jane Litte in their fight against Ellora's Cave. Lori and I have donated and I hope readers of our blog will also. This is a free speech fight and will affect everyone in and out of Romancelandia.

Almost $30,000 has been raised already, just today.

DA Defense Fund

Just read this blog (thanks A.L. for the link) and wanted to link it too:


  1. Aren't we collectively, romance readers and writers, amazing people?

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  3. You'd think I know to look over a post before hitting 'publish'! I don't know how I got two ZZs rather than two !!s. Another mystery in my life ...

    Anyway, let's try again (C&P)

    I see the goal is $50,000. After one day, it's already $36,410. It's just amazing!!

    1. Lolita López/Roxie Rivera is one classy, classy lady indeed.

  4. Oh my heart aches for Ms. Lopez.

  5. Ms Lopez is pure class. She donated the buy out that EC asked for.


    Lolita Lopez Roxie Rivera

    23 hours ago

    I would rather use my hard earned $ to help Jane fight this lawsuit than to pay the high buy-out figure for unpublished, unwritten, haven't-even-been-submitted-to-the-editor-I-don't-have proposal contracts for the Grabbed books based on "potential future income."