Monday, June 30, 2014

Empty Nest

So we're packing up and the house is getting emptier by the day.It's so strange to see the world you were trying to create, disappear little by little.

My SIL made us a video showing the house and surrounding area. So pretty. It's a small house and that worries her but excites me. I haven't been living on Pinterest for nothing, you know. I'm ready to put all my space saving, container living, organizational skills to use.

One cat rehomed, two still to go.

It's hard to be present in my life right now since I seem to be in an insecure place. Can't get it together to write more than a few sentences a day. Can't read. Watching lots of Netflix and listing my life on Craigslist.

Oh but good feelings: sent my resume to the local medical center and they wrote back immediately and asked me to contact a specific manager with my resume. I'm offering to do phone/Skype interviews before moving. So I'll be hopeful.

And because I have little to say but I'm crushing on Zachary Quinto big time right now:

So nummy. Nom nom nom.


  1. It sucks moving, believe me, done enough of that for at least 50 people's lives but starting fresh can be a good thing too. I have no doubt you will put your Pinterest skills to good use. I wish I was moving so I could do it as well lol. Hmm, maybe when I come visit?

    As to Zachary - is kinda cute. I never watched hte whole series - don't ask - but I did like him in Heroes. And the first Star Trek movie (the remake of hte remake - you know the one lol). Very nice choice to nom on Ms Lori