Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aloha... Oy!

So we're moving to Hawaii.

After losing my job, I realized I could get back onto the same carousel of living paycheck to paycheck, always struggling and feeling very alone.... or we could change our lives.

My brother and SIL asked us to move a long time ago and it was tempting but I couldn't see doing it. Now I can't see any other choices looking half so good.

We leave on August 20. Until then we'll be packing, shipping things, working on our financials and panicking a lot. And I mean a lot.

I don't feel completely present in my life right now. Making such a huge change is leaving me feeling unsettled. And Carolyn, poor baby, is suffering through some physical ailments currently and not very happy in her life.

So right now when I start to feel panicky I stop and remember where I'm taking Mollie.

Yeah, this is where we're going. The Big Island, up north in Honokaa (Weimea). We'll be living a block away from a horse ranch (Mollie is delighted), we'll have chickens, fruit trees and a new beginning.

I promise a party before we leave (heh heh).


  1. You are brave and you are a good mother, and this is going to be a GREAT thing for both of you. Here's keeping you in my thoughts and sending you all the good energy possible!

    (Horses! Volcanos! HAWAII!!!! holy smokes, that's awesome)

  2. I think you are both awesome and I take my hat off to you for making such an important change in your lives.
    On a side note, We've in the process of adopting some new technology at work and it's amazing how changing one little thing has made my time management and organisation totally craptastic. I hate to think what would happen if I tried to change something that actually matters!

    So Kudos to you.

  3. You know what I think. Can't wait for those surfer books. :-)

  4. I still have to finish my Seattle trilogy. Sheesh.

  5. So, write faster! I'm with Carolyn - can't wait for the skeg trilogy - gotta love a dude on a board hangin' ten... :D

    Still jealous you're going and expect I will be saving faster now for that holiday... lol Happy trails ladies. Or should that be radical waves? I'll practice lol