Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crazy People, I'm Crazy For You

Jennifer Crusie is the shits. I mean, really, completely, she's the shits.

I discovered Welcome to Temptation first and fell crazy in love with that story. But when I read Crazy For You, I felt like I found one of the most perfect novels ever written. It's my most re-read novel, averaging 4 - 5 reads a year. And now Jennifer Crusie has Crazy People out, a collection of short stories about the characters in Crazy for You... and it's fucking amazing.

In short form: the novel was developed as she was in the MFA Iowa Program (you know, that program which happens to be the finest in the country). And she'd already sold a couple of books to Harlequin and discovered the writing program focused mostly on short stories. So these are the stories she wrote. And they went on to become Crazy...

I haven't finished them all but so far each one has been a gem. Shiny and pretty and satisfying something deep deep inside. I adored the one about Quinn's mother, Meggy and how she handled her step-father's jokes. It's one of the best stories I've ever read.

I know I'm a total fan girl and since the novel is my favorite, my adoration of these stories makes sense. But I'm not loving this just as a reader. I love these stories as a writer also. Because these stories are a brilliant reminder of why we write. Those wonderful moments in a person's life, the characters, the inside jokes we share.

I'm moved as a reader because I get so much more of my favorite book, favorite author in this collection of stories. And I love it because I needed the reminder of why I love writing.
If you love Crusie, you'll adore Crazy People. I promise you will.

You'll thank me later.

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