Monday, December 27, 2010

Ah Love ...

I've fallen in love too, although not with an ereader. It's good to know this old fart still has a few hormones left percolating.

Who have I fallen in love with?

His name is Sebastian. He's a terrible rake, cold and heartless, why he even kidnapped an heiress. And he lives in the book The Devil in Winter, the third book of the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas.

I love this book. I'm rereading it tonight, even though I finished it only last week. I'm gonna get me a part time job so I can buy all Ms Kleypas's backlist, because I love the Wallflowers and I love the Hathaways and I'm eyeing the Bow Street trilogy.

I love Sebastian's bafflement as he falls in love with Evie. I love the way Evie gains strength and character and I love the way Sebastian would do anything for her and protect her with his life. Of course, all Ms. Kleypas' heros are protective like that, but there's just something about Sebastian. I wouldn't want him anywhere near me in real life, but as a fantasy he's just so yummy. And sexy. A fallen angel, probably first cousin to Lucifer, lol.

Okay, back to my book. Just had to share. Don't have any pictures ... except ...

That might could be Sebastian ... or maybe this one:

I sort of like this one too ...

What's the saying - blondes are more fun? ;-)


  1. Dunno who the middle one is, but you can keep em all lol.

    I do agree about the 'being in love' with a 'rake'. At least fictional ones only break your heart for but a moment.

    Speaking of rake's... I've just finished watching a series on teh ABC called 'Rake'. If I knew the main character in real life I would run for the hills - he's a divorced man in love with a prostitute and just slept with his best mate's wife; he's got gambling debts that have his creditors sending someone around to beat him up over; he's just started back using cocaine; he's been avoiding his tax responsibities for years (some of the reasons he throws up in court are quite imaginative!) and worst of all he's a lawyer (lol) but there is just soemthign about him that is adorable.

    Get this - his portrayer is blond! Richard Roxburgh, one of this country's finer actors. He plays the part so well that even though you want to despise him you can't help but feel a little bit of compassion. And he's funny as all get out lol.

    On a diff note - I might need you and Lori to give me a list of the best romantical historical books or wahtever (and cheap) to read. Y'all talk about books and characters I know nothing of and it would be nice to at least contribute somethign worthwhile on the subject occasionally.

    If y'all don't mind of course :D

  2. Carolyn-- Let me check my stack of books- I have read that series- and like the author- I may have some books I can send your way- I will check and let you know :)


  3. Hold that thought Lea. Our brains are percolating. :-)

  4. I've been looking at reading that series too Carolyn. Ebay, here I come. I like the look of the top guy as a bit of a rake. It's not Aaron Eckhardt is it - and isn't that Jon Bon Jovi down the bottom?

    I only caught glimpses of that show you mentioned Lea, and it was a hoot. He was such a bad boy. I've been told about one ep where he had to defend someone against having sex with a rottweiler - and won because the video taken at the time showed that the dog had enjoyed it!

    The last scene of the show had the dog scratching at the bedroom door - to be let in.

    Eek! Sick minds at work there.

    I heard that Richard Roxburgh wrote the series too. Clever fellow! The tag for the series was 'The bar has just been lowered' Very clever.
    I Know I'm gonna have to get the DVD of it.

    RR is not that well known out of Oz, but i have a feeling he was a bad guy in Moulin Rouge.


  5. Me too Cheryl - buying Rake I mean. I don't often get a chance to view stuff from the ABC but I'm glad I got to see this. Excellent show.

    The 'dog' episode was a little off putting but thankfully they didn't show anything. I couldn't believe it was Sam Neill they used as the defendant - makes me look differently at him with teh dancing monkey ads for meat lol.

    Richard is a great actor. I also just saw him in "Hawke" which was not what I expected. I think he was also in that totally forgetable 'League of extraordinary gentlemen' as "M". At least they got the extra ORDINARY right - it was crap lol

    At least I've learnt to stop judging actors/singers etc by one song/movie. Imagine all that I've missed out until I realized this!