Saturday, May 5, 2018

Welcome Back

Well I'm now living life without a computer . So I've been adjusting to having a tablet and a phone and nothing else .

And it's kind of okay .Really .Surprisingly .

I just today figured that I should be Ble to blog from my Fire so here I am .Apologetic but back .

Need from Hawaii: seriously major earthquakes going on yesterday .I was at work and we were rocking and rolling. I was sitting on a rolling stool holding onto the desk trying not to roll away .

Even Madam Pele has had her fill of bullshit lately .

Living trendiest Romancelandia kerfluffle .Some woman thinks the word cocky belongs to her .I'll be claiming the word LOVE as my own so if any of you bitches try using it in your romance novels you'll be hearing from Carolyn pretending to be a lawyer.


  1. Glad to hear from you; I hope this last one was the worst of it, and that life returns to normal for you all soonest!

  2. Wow .Will need to double check spelling on the Fire .Yikes .And heya Az .Nice to see you.