Friday, March 2, 2018


This is my newest passion.

A year ago, after I started Weight Watchers, I also started doing mild exercise which was usually walking. One of the places I've enjoyed walking is what we call the 'jungle road' which is on the right side of the road a farm and then an abandoned tree cutting enterprise and on the left hand side is, well, jungle.

There's wild pigs in them thar jungly places and they occasionally dart into the road and get hit by cars. Carcasses are left at the side of the road and the small critters eat them clean. And that's where I've found skulls.

I love skulls.

So of course I brought a skull or two or ten home and cleaned them up and played with them. And the more I played the happier I became until I realized that I love doing this. Only problem is nobody can have ten skulls hanging around a small bedroom with the desire to have even more to play with.

So I opened an Etsy shop.

No sales so far but plenty of views and lots of fun. I'm planning to have even more fun with it as time goes on.

Plan on updates  ;)

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  1. Now that I have computer back, for now, I can comment lol.

    I love these - you have a very artistic eye Ms Lori. It's awesome you have a talent and it makes you happy to do also. I should be so lucky but I can't even draw a straight stick figure...

    I hope someone out there appreciates them enough to buy. Keep up the great work and look forward to updates xx