Saturday, March 18, 2017

This has been a hard week. I worked on Sunday (yeah, I found the only doctor who does the occasional weekend) and I was supposed to have Thursday off. Coworker called out sick and I did six days. Not a huge deal except I was exhausted.

By yesterday I couldn't keep my eyes open and I wanted to eat anything that wasn't nailed down. I ate a piece of fried chicken at 8 am yesterday. Followed by popcorn. Didn't go over my WW points but it was tempting.

Something bad happened to my knee. I already have an ortho appointment scheduled for Friday so I'll just baby it along till then but I can't really walk. I have a bad feeling that my meniscus, which was torn over 10 years ago, tore further because of my recent added activity. I'll get a steroid shot in it for the pain and ask for an MRI to see how bad the tear is.

Listen to me.... I can tell from the pain what's happening inside my body.

My first month on my super-duper new budget plan and I blew it. Made three mistakes: I paid off a bill I wasn't supposed to pay off. I was only supposed to make a minimal payment and pay it all off next month but I decided to get ahead of the game. Bad move. I planned it that way for a reason but I let my emotions make a bad choice.

Then I miscalculated my money and had less of it. And then I paid a bill which had 2 charges on it and didn't realize that I only paid one charge and not both. So I had to make a second payment and it wasn't budgeted. I totally fucked it all up.

Good thing though: two more bills are now paid off. I worked nine hours of overtime this week so my paycheck next week should even out the budgeting woes.

I'm going to get this all in order. I know I will.

18 pounds down on WW since Feb 5. Real happy about that. I don't see any changes but others are starting to notice. What excites me is that I'm starting to get interested in cooking again. I don't have the time to do a lot of it but on a day like today I can make myself a cool lunch (low point pepperoni pizza), that makes me smile.

Other things that are a yay: found AztecLady on Twitter so now following her and Willaful. Major happiness that. My brother volunteered me to work tonight at a St. Paddy's party at the mall selling corned beef sliders so I need to ibuprofen myself into a stupor and get my game face on. I actually love working their events because it fits my extrovert personality. I flirt, tease, joke... I've been asked if I work parties as a professional. Seriously. It's so much fun.

Anyway, that's the update. Righ now it's Saturday morning and I got lots of sleep, I have hot coffee and since I can't go walk the waterfall as planned, I'm going to Frankie and Grace myself on Netflix and enjoy.

Love to you all out there.

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  1. You are doing GREAT, honestly and truly. This is a stumble. Don't beat yourself up over it--we are human, we struggle and stumble here and there, but you are crushing this.