Saturday, April 2, 2016

Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

There are certain things that are guaranteed in life: death, taxes and some authors are always a comfort read. I know, for example, that Eloisa James will 9 times out of 10, give me a story I'll enjoy with lovely writing and humor.

Jennifer Crusie. Lisa Klepas. These are authors I trust. And Julia Quinn. At least, that's what I thought.

Because of Miss Bridgerton showed up on my Kindle right after a bunch of DNFs (I swear I'm getting harder to please in my older age) and I thought yay. Something I can enjoy finally.

Oh God, why?

I don't ask for a lot but a good story is a pretty small thing to expect. in a book. This wasn't a good story. It wasn't much of a story at all. Billie Bridgerton, our heroine, hurts her foot. Neighbor George rescues her. They have a moderately unfriendly relationship but this opens a door and they fall in love and it's dull as dishwater.

Nothing happens. The witty banter isn't witty. The longing is banal. The characters weren't particularly interesting, their story was dull and the writing was pedestrian.

I mean, I hate to seem bitchy here but this book was a snooze from start to finish.

I'm starting to despair. Outside of some older literary fiction that I've been reading, I'm not finding anything that thrills me. Any ideas?


  1. I just finished 'Where Rainbows End' by Cecilia Ahern. I actually didn't realize I had it until after I watched the movie and recognized the name of hte author lol.

    Of course the movie differed a lot from the book - the movie spanned 20 years, the book at least 30 and there were extra characters - but I enjoyed it. The book more so.

    Firstly, I loved that it was written entirely in email, letter or texts. It was like breaking into someone's private account and reading their personal mail. The funniest part was the 'chat room' conversations. It was like being on the forum and watching the to and fro.

    Anyway, I think you might like it Lori. Or not. It ahs to be an improvement on the one you just read though, right?


  2. Oh gawd, you are in the same horrible reading place I am! I don't know what to tell you--I'm even starting to snarl at re-reads that, previously, made me happy, or at least brought me comfort.

    I think I need to take up counting mosquitoes or some such...

  3. Lea, that book isn't available here. At least not on Amazon nor on the Kindle store.

    Az, I read How To Knit a Love Story and wanted the heroine to get killed by her stalker ex. Beat Slay Love was a bad take-off on an old movie and not well written.

    There was some apolocalyptic biker sex book that bored me immediately and I started an erotica that was gag. Even the latest Rose Lerner book wasn't the least bit interesting and I stopped reading soon after I started.

    Back to the literary fiction, I imagine.

  4. I've switched genres and am more or less reading SF and mystery. I say more or less because I'm hopscotch reading, jump here, jump there, and hope something clicks.

    It must be the weather.

    May I suggest a SF romance? Linnea Sinclair, Gabriel's Ghost. So far, it's not bad but I have to admit it isn't pulling me in and holding me there. I do find it enjoyable though.

    Or maybe try a new author? Faith Hunter writes UF with a Native American heroine who is some sort of shape changer. I got Michael hooked on her. ;-)

    Where Rainbows End is on Amazon, Lori, but only as used paperback.

    I've got scads of Kate Morton books in my Wishlist, which sound along the same lines: generational books about women. Someday the prices may come down, lol.

    Oh, btw, I too DNF'd the Quinn. I found it so bland and ridiculous. Don't think I'll get anymore of her books. >:p

  5. Of course I started reading a culinary romance I was enjoying and then the book format went bonkers about 30% in and it became unreadable.

    I'm trying Evernight by Kristin Callihan so maybe that will excite me.

  6. Lori, that is the fifth book in the series; I can't remember if it's stand alone or not. The first book is Firelight, with Ember a prequel novella. (We have them both.)

    If you inform Amazon about the formatting, they might let you return the book. Fingers crossed.

  7. Here's crossing fingers that "Evernight" holds your interest (it stands alone well, or it did for me, and I'm usually pretty rabid about reading series in order).

    On amazon returns: they have been very reasonable with me when I have returned books after the seven days grace period. I usually go the chat route, so I can explain precisely what the issues are, and why I'm asking for a refund after the grace period. Good luck!