Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's All About Me

You ever have one of those people in your life that no matter what you say, she tops it? The 'I lost three pounds' and she says, 'that's great, I lost 100 pounds.'

I work with her. I said, "My SIL went into the hospital this weekend" and she said "My aunt died this weekend".

So today...

Our other coworker was saying that she's nervous because her mother is coming to visit and "we have a difficult relationship."

Topper girl says, "Well, my mother is dead."

Um... what? She's been dead over 20 years. So what? So I said, "Yeah, so is my mother. And we had a hard time too for many years. So what's the general problem with you and your Mom?"

And we got back to the conversation on hand.

Still... to respond with a 'my mother is dead' was both the funniest and most pathetic thing I ever heard.


  1. I'm related to a person like that (true, I'm not trying one up you lol).

    I tend to make sure the conversation heads in a way she can't one-up me. Or not talk to her at all, which is even better lmao. How sad must their lives be if they have to have the focus on them all the time...

    Now, about me.... LOL

    ps - hugs, just because

  2. I second the hugs--and to make this all about me, I'll double them :-P