Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Old Fart is Stumped

I wish I could find some distinguishing characteristic that would allow me to identify erotica before I buy the book. It's getting harder and harder to find books with a decent plot, a slow romance and one, maybe two explicit sex scenes, sex scenes that don't read like someone put a porn film into words.

I like sex in my books. It's just that I like more than sex in my books. Like, you know, characterization outside of lust and the bedroom, stuff like that. And I don't mind graphic, but I prefer lightly graphic or medium graphic (is that called explicit?). I can do with less body fluid (do any of these people ever need KY?) as well as an in-depth description of every body part, especially the primary sex organs. I don't care if her pubic hair is straight or curly or if she's bald down there. I don't care if her nipples are brown, red or pink. I care that they have feelings for each other and strain to embrace those feelings physically. Please, no point A to point B to point C.

So, this is part of Kristen Callihan's blurb for the hook up: "That is until a chance encounter leads to the hottest sex of their lives, along with the possibility of something great."

And this is part of the blurb for Elle Kennedy's The Deal: "But when one unexpected kiss leads to the wildest sex of both their lives, it doesn't take long for Garrett to realize that pretend isn't going to cut it."

I read and loved Elle Kennedy's book. The sex didn't overwhelm me. I've just started Callihan's book and at 13%, I'm thinking I might just set it aside. The dreaded DNF.

I've read Kristen Callihan before; I have all her Darkest London books, which is why I took a chance on the hook up when everyone was raving about it. Well, they raved about The Deal too, so I can't use that as my standard.

It would be nice if reviewers would indicate if a book was erotica. I suppose it might be difficult when even Romance has evermore explicit sex scenes. But there's explicit and then there's graphic. And I'm finding it difficult to distinguish between the two. I got into a 'discussion' with a reviewer on Amazon who gave Radiance one star because it had 'graphic sex'. She was enjoying it until then. But evidently she doesn't believe in skimming; she immediately stopped reading and RETURNED THE BOOK!!  Amazon Review

I'm too damn old. This was just not done in my day. In my day you were responsible for your own errors and you can be damn sure if I don't continue with the hook up, I will NOT be returning it.

Okay, enough about that, I'm getting upset again. Oh, but let me say, this new NA genre ... I absolutely love some of it and wrinkle my nose at others. Love Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy, Courtney Milan's Trade Me - I liked that book better than her historicals.

So. I guess I should put up some book covers:

 Damn it! Can't situate these images as I'd like to. Sorry about that.  *sigh*.

If anyone ever figures out how to differentiate these books, please clue me in, lol. I know some blogs have flames or kisses or whatever to denote heat. I'm not a big blog surfer; the blogs I check out are over there on the sidebar.

If book prices go up (as per the rumor), my book buying will be severely decreased.  I don't mind blowing $3-$4 on something I discover I don't want to read. $9 or $10 bucks is a whole different story.

I guess it's all a crap shoot. One can't go by author anymore (except Nora, we all know what we get with Nora.)  :-)


  1. Well erotic is one thing and porn quite another. Sometimes I read something everyone is raving on and I think it's plain old porn, not erotic at all. Although I guess if it has a HEA, one can call it romance and people accept it.

    I agree with some sort of disclaimer. Nothing like reading something where the woman is dripping cum from her vagina after and wondering why exactly this is called romance?

  2. Thanks Lori - there goes lunch... ;)

    I don't mind sex but I'm like Carolyn, sometimes less is more. I like the lead up. If I wanted to read that much sex I'd read the karma sutra lol.

    What do I know, I hven't read in a while and I miss it... I need to finish book two of Game of Thrones. Wonder where I put it...