Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Refinding The Joy

So nanowrimo done did me in. Again. But it opened a door for me that I'm cautiously peering through and wondering about. I realized that I don't generally like writing anymore.

So I decided to quit. But that's the cautious part because I don't know what that means.

I do know that writing for publication is done right now. It doesn't mean forever but I think (I know) that I'm taking a year off from writing for publication. Maybe forever. I don't know.

Writing because I love to write... now that's another story.

I've always written. Well, at least, since 7th grade, age 13. So 43 years I've written. (Yup, not joking about this old fart stuff.) It used to be poetry, short stories. Then poetry only. Occasionally an attempt at a novel that died 70 pages in. Then fan fiction (love those Divo boys!). And then publication.

On my birthday I released a novella, Surviving America's Sweetheart which got reviewed at Dear Author. A good review and truly one of the best moments of my life. It was great and I saw my little story sell about 60 copies altogether and that was the end of that and I began to wonder if that was the best it got?

And I'm still wondering that.

Then today Carolyn and I had one of those conversations talking about an old story and we started to what if, our way of plotting something out. And we laughed and came up with crazy ideas and it was so much fun and so much of what we used to do.

I realized that having fun with writing got replaced with writing to please an audience. I used to write to please me and Carolyn.

So for the next year I'm writing to please me and Carolyn. After that.... we'll see.

The blog is staying right here and we both intend to keep talking about romance and other stuff. We might even start talking more about writing.

We'll see.


  1. Does this mean there is a sequel to Bodice Rippers in teh works? Does it, does it?... Ok, I'll wait.

    Sorry that Nano did your head in but glad you tried and it's lead you to this - writing for fun and friends is better than writing for money. Well, money is good but if you don't enjoy the process is the money worth it?

    Here's to you and Carolyn keeping each other laughing., HOpefully we can share in the laughs too at some point.

  2. I've seen this before... a book gets rave reviews and good buzz but it's out of the ordinary and doesn't sell. :-(

    From my own limited experience... writing for fun feels so much better than writing for money/attention/other forms of recompense. I hope you'll enjoy your just for fun writing and maybe feel recharged.