Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Lied

We're coming back...

Both Carolyn and I have had some life changes. I have a new job where I'm quite happy and Carolyn has no job and she's quite happy. (She retired and just in the nick of time.)

We're still reading and writing and bestest of besties and we missed doing this together so we're coming home.

The only thing is... I just don't feel like an old fart. Maybe a middle aged fart with bad knees, questionable hips, grey hair, a saggy middle (not to mention top and bottom)...

Okay, I'm an old fart.


  1. Welcome back! I'm glad I didn't remove you from my reader. :-)

    I wonder if middle-aged farts feel more like old farts than old farts do, because the changes are so dramatic and weird. Maybe by the time I'm an actual old fart, needing new glasses all the time and having weird hairs show up will no longer be so startling.

  2. My weird hairs started showing up before middle aged. That's why I named my tweezers BABY, Cause I luvs my tweezers.

  3. Yay, welcome back ladies! Like Willa, glad not to have removed you. So, what will the first post back be about? Or have you done it and I haven't scrolled far enough... let me check. HUGS